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Welcome to Endurance BJJ!

Coach Mat Stratta

Coach Mat Stratta

Welcome to Endurance BJJ! Women’s classes are currently Tuesday nights and has been so popular we are looking at opening a second night!

For every new potential new student, we schedule an introductory session to discuss your fitness and class goals, review the schedule, share the typical class and introduce you to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

As your Jiu-Jitsu coach and instructor, my goal is to make sure you receive the highest level of training and support while training in a safe and environment. The introductory class is the opportunity for us to share our approach, the facility and answer any questions.

Regardless of your level of experience, anyone can start training in jiu-jitsu – its all about the approach! We are excited to share how Endurance Training Center’s unique approach has changes our students’ lives every day.

Located in Zionsville, Endurance Training Center is a member of Team James Clingerman and our academy members are all available to train at any of the schools.

Sign up for your free 30 day jiu-jitsu class with us and welcome- to Endurance Training Center BJJ!

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How to choose the best brazilian jiu-jitsu class for you:

First let me say I’m always available to answer questions anytime at mat@endurancebjj.com  regarding Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or fitness. We advocate for all students for find what works best for them, whether culturally or from a fitness perspective. To that, our overall recommendations for choosing any class include the following:

  1. Its most important to meet the coaches- they make everything! Whether you are a student or parent, the coach is the biggest component which will dictate success and the experience. Make sure you’re comfortable, understand their approach, and that the overall “feel” is right. Otherwise, we suggest you keep looking.
  2. Secondly, timing is important. We are all always juggling different challenges in our lives. Sometimes we’re close to being ready, but not quite there. The key is knowing you can commit to a routine so you can really enjoy the sport and benefits it provides! Finding the right time for you personally ensures you have a great chance of meeting your goals.
  3. Last, proximity matters. Class has to be close enough to make regularly. If the school you are evaluating is not close, most good schools have a network of affiliates which could be close. As important as coach and timing, are logistics!

Welcome to Endurance Training Center, and good luck!

-Coach Stratta