Professional Testimonials

Julie Kedzie

Julie Kedzie

-Julie Kedzie, UFC Veteran Strikeforce Veteran/Invicta FC Matchmaker

“I was incredibly lucky to meet and train with Mat Stratta in my formative years as a mixed martial artist. His passion for the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is evidenced through his attention to detail and his experience in teaching internationally allows him to communicate technique in an accessible and relatable way. I highly recommend him for students of all ages. ”

John Frankl

John Frankl

-John M. Frankl, Founder and Head Coach/ John Frankl Jiu Jitsu Competition Team

“When Matt Stratta first came to Korea he was already an accomplished jiu-jitsu practitioner and competitor. But during his different years and stays in country, I saw him really blossom into an outstanding coach as well. He was (and is if and when he visits in the future) an integral part of our team. Matt possesses a deep understanding of the sport and art of jiu-jitsu, as well as the ability to communicate his knowledge to others. His classes, which I often took myself, were some of the best offered at our main academy. I can recommend Matt and his new academy Endurance Jiu-Jitsu without reservation, and am extremely confident in his future success and that of his students.”

Tim Sledd

Tim Sledd

-Tim Sledd, Founder and Head Coach/ Small Axe Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

“Mat Stratta is the man! I met him and begin training with him in 2003 when we both were blue belts. Stratta was the first person I trained with who truly used ‘Jiu-Jitsu’ in a gentle, effective and fluid way.

He is my Jiu-Jitsu brother though we don’t share roots. He has been with me in spirit in every roll I have ever had! I want to be more like Mat!” 

Referral Testimonials

Child-Amy Chandler, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Grappler/ Boxer/ Mother of two

“As a 42 year old female I have found working with Coach Stratta to be challenging yet not overwhelming. Coach Stratta is sensitive to the fact that some females may not be completely confident in a male dominated sport. His instruction has helped me gain confidence and skill that allows me to be more comfortable in the class setting.”

Monica Nakatsuka-Monica Nakatsuka, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Grappler/ Yoga Instructor

“I have known Mat for several years and have gotten the pleasure to call him my teacher and teammate.  He is hands-down one of my favorite coaches. Initially, jiu jitsu was a hard sport for me to wrap my brain around.  Then I began working with Mat before my first MMA fight.  From that point, things began to click. He took the time to listen and observe what exactly was missing from my bjj skillset. He offered feedback on the steps that I needed to take and then provided them in a sequential way that made perfect sense.

I have a great appreciation for the way that Mat teaches.  It is done in a very structured and detailed way that makes even complicated transitions easy to understand.   From a classroom perspective, he is just as observant and gives attention to the students as needed.  He also gives his students silly examples that make you laugh but also make the skills being taught easy to remember.  He definitely has a vast body of knowledge.

What I really believe separates Mat from other coaches is his heart.  When he is teaching, you know that he actually cares about his students and wants to make sure that everyone understands.  He also goes to a great extent to make sure that safety is practiced in his classes.  As a teammate, its commonplace to see Mat supporting his team at bjj tournaments, MMA fights, wrestling matches, etc. even if it’s not affiliated with our school.  In my opinion, he’s a stand up guy who is an incredible teacher.”