BJJ Master Visits Indianapolis

braga 2One of the highest-ranking BJJ professors in the world was in Indianapolis today, Sunday July 12th. The Indiana Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy and Team James Clingerman hosted a seminar with Master Anibal Braga. Professor Braga holds the rank of “coral belt” (red and black), which means he has earned the prestigious rank of 7th degree black belt.  Professor Braga has been training BJJ in Brazil since he was 10 years old.  He earned his black belt over 40 years ago from Professor Amelio Arruda.

Coach Clingerman is a 2nd debraga 1gree black belt under Master Braga, and hosts his seminars in Indianapolis every year.  The IBJJA opened its doors to all teams and grapplers who were interested in learning from such an experienced instructor and legend in the sport of BJJ.  This seminar focused on a series of several sweeps, reversals, and submissions using the lapel grip.  Some of the techniques he taught were from his 7 disc BJJ instructional, The Hangman.  It was easy to see why he is called the “Lapel Master”.

Professor Braga will be returning to Indianapolis next year and we can’t wait for his return.  So if you missed  your opportunity today, you will have to wait until next year for his next BJJ seminar.  Or you can buy his 7 disc BJJ series here.


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